Understanding Bed Bugs and Common Sources

Understanding how people get bed bugs is critical to preventing, identifying and treating a bed bug problem. Recent news reports have Cleveland topping a list that no one wants to win – The #1 bed bug city in the US.  Before panic ensues, let’s talk about what contributes to a list like this, and how you can protect yourself by becoming educated on these elusive pests.

The recent reports are a result of data collected by Terminix, based on complaints received in their service locations.  While Terminix has over 300 locations nationwide, some states have as few as 1 Terminix service area, and as many as 40. The fact that Ohio tops their list may be more to do with the service areas and less to do with infestation issues!

Regardless, protecting yourself by understanding the different common ways to get bed bugs is key.

How People Get Bed Bugs

How People Get Bed Bugs – The Common Sources

All bed bug list rankings aside, there are several common ways how people get bed bugs:

  1. Family and Friends
  2. Schools and Daycares
  3. Workplaces
  4. Public Transportation
  5. Used Goods
  6. Health and Medical Care

Let’s chat through each, and how they are conducive to spreading bed bugs!

Friends and Family – Think about it, you visit your friend, Mom, Grandpa, Cousin, Brother etc – You sit on their furniture, maybe even stay a few days or take a ride in their car. Maybe they visit you, relax on your favorite chair or borrow your favorite coat. If they have bed bugs, taking even one single bug home or them bringing one single bug in, can cause your home to become the next BB central.

Schools and Daycares – With the influx of people and supplies, it is easy for one person or child to bring bed bugs to a day care or school and then for many others to disperse them throughout their homes.

Workplaces – Many individuals are unwilling to share or essentially oblivious to a bed bug issue – This means they could be bringing them to work for others to take home at the end of the day.  Some occupations are higher risk than others – but all in all, bed bugs don’t care where you work, just so long as they have a food source!

Public Transportation –  How people get bed bugs from transportation is a result of continual traffic and lack of routine cleaning – all lending to public transportation of all forms being conducive to spreading bed bugs. Planes, trains, buses and cars can all have bed bugs.

Used Goods –  From clothing and bedding to less obvious things like books, bed bugs are prolific within used goods.  Many individuals either do not know they have an issue when they donate – Or they do, and just do not consider the repercussions.

Health and Medical Care – Unfortunately, the reality is that hospitals, nursing homes, ERs and the likes are all a great place for bed bugs to hitch a ride and find a feast. Whether you or your loved one has spent time in a hospital, or you work at a health or medical facility, you are at a higher risk.

Now Your Know How People Get Bed Bugs, Now What?

Stay vigilant and observant. If you suspect a bed bug problem, taking steps to prevent spreading is essential. If you have a bed bug issue at your home or business, seek professional help.  Changing your habits is key, and identifying the source of the problem is the best way of preventing it from returning and having a successful treatment regiment.