Holiday Bed Bug Issues

The holidays are particularly conducive to spreading bed bugs. Whether you are the guest or the host, a bed bug problem can spread faster than your holiday cheer. Unfortunately, the nature of the holiday season combined with the nature of bed bug issues can be a recipe for disaster.

if you are battling a bed bug problem at your home, we strongly suggest NOT hosting a holiday gathering. Instead, suggest hosting at someone else’s home or at a restaurant. Take steps to protect others by ensuring you are following all proper protocol! If you haven’t consulted a bed bug expert yet, call us today.

Tips to Limit Risk of Holiday Bed Bugs

Holiday bed bug prevention looks a lot like bed bug prevention throughout the year! It is important to stay vigilant and follow protective tips, whether you are the host or the guest.

Limit what you take to a party, even going as far as keeping your coat with you at the party. When you get home from a gathering, especially if you were spending time laying around on someone’s furniture or had your coat in a pile, toss all clothing and coats into the dryer on high heat for at least 30 mins.

The number one step to preventing a widespread bed bug issue is to remain aware and keep your eyes peeled for signs of an issue in the weeks following a get together.

If you had overnight guests, strip the bed and give everything a good vacuuming.

If you are hosting holiday parties, keep an eye out for signs of bed bugs in weeks following. You may not be able to prevent an issue entirely, but identifying a problem and seeking treatment early is essential!

If you have bed bug issue or have questions, give us a call!


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