Spread Cheer Around the Holidays and Bed Bugs will follow

Unfortunately holidays and bed bugs are a common combo. Each year, we see a big influx in calls after the holiday season and through the first of the year. With bed bugs being such a widespread issue in Ohio, it is not a huge surprise that travelers and visitors can get exposed, or expose your home to bed bugs!

The truth is, bed bugs don’t care that it’s the holiday season. They are just resourceful little pests and our holiday behaviors are very conducive to their spreading and thriving. Holidays and bed bugs can cause some serious blues.

Here are the top reasons we see serious bed bug problems during the holiday season;

Reason #1 We are seriously distracted by all of the festivities

Pretty much from now until the New Year, we run around like maniacs – Work is busy, kids’ schedules are busy, holiday demands are at their peak. We may not get to all the house chores like normal, and we may not be paying attention to small signs of a bed bug problem brewing.

Couple that with visits from friends and family, or trips of your own, and a bed bug problem can be cooking quicker than your holiday feast.

Reason #2 We have many other great places to spend our money

The holidays are pricey and it can be easy to push your bed bug problem to the wayside. Whether you just noticed or you know you’ve been battling awhile – Handling a bed bug problem quickly and starting a treatment regiment ASAP is critical. The longer you wait, the worse it gets. Making a sacrifice this year can save you headache for the new year and beyond.

Our treatments are very thorough and very affordable. Don’t wait until the issue gets worse, call us for a free inspection today!

Reason #3 Lots of travelers and visitors

Whether you are hosting out-of-towners, visiting friends and families homes’ for dinner or jet setting around the globe – The influx in holiday travel can cause a serious influx in bed bug problems.

Check out some great tips for preventing the spread of bed bugs this holiday season here for hosts and travelers.

If you suspect you have a bed bug problem or have been exposed to a bed bug problem, call us today for a free consult and inspection. 216-544-8292