Often, our customers and their families contact us because of a bed bug problem with very special circumstances. This can be related to a situation with a home bound individual receiving nursing and home health care, or in the instance of a terminal illness or homebound elderly loved one. Regardless of the special needs, disability or illness – One thing rings true.. This can be a perfect storm for bed bugs.

Our unique approach can truly be the only solution in these very special situations. Our experience, compassion and approach go a very long way!

Elderly and Home Bound

When we get a call from a customer that has a parent, grandparent or family member that has a bed bug issue, typically it’s because the situation is at a tipping point and can no longer be ignored. Unfortunately, our senior loved ones can be more prone to a problem and can also be more prone to turning a blind eye .. Whether it be pride, resources or illness.. It is a very sensitive subject to approach!

If at all possible, call for help as soon as a problem becomes known. Regardless of the severity of the issue, we have solutions and a unique approach that can make the situation a little less painful. Showing compassion and patience, explaining the processes and importance and ensuring that other family members are protected are our top priorities next to getting rid of the bed bug problem itself!

Special Needs and Disabled Individuals

Parents, family members and care givers of special needs or disabled individuals have a very unique situation on their hands. The day to day demands of providing what is often a very high level of care, on top of nursing and home health help, can be very conducive to getting and spreading bed bugs.

Particularly where health care equipment such as hospital/medical beds, wheelchairs, Hoyer lifts and transport vans are used on a daily basis, bed bugs can be spread and very hard to control. Frequent doctor visits, home health care aides and general lack of mobility can lead to a serious issue in a very short amount of time.

Terminally Ill

In hospice care situations, it can be a very difficult time to try and handle a new or existing bed bug issue. Often, loved ones are unable to leave the house with home healthcare help coming for medical / palliative care. While there is never a good time for bed bugs, it certainly isn’t when a loved one is facing a terminal illness.


Our goal is to provide a solution that gives ALL the ability to be rid of bed bugs, and do so with dignity and the upmost professionalism and compassion. As unique as each situation is, bed bugs are becoming an increasingly more common issue in these unique circumstances. Friends and family, and even healthcare help, are faced with risk of exposure and bringing bed bugs home, at a time when family and care is needed most.

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