Spring has Sprung, so have Bed Bugs

Spring break travel, holiday guests and kids sleepovers all contribute to a higher rate of bed bugs this time of year! Protect yourself, home and family with these great tips.

Spring Break Travel

If you visited family or took advantage of the break from school by visiting an indoor water park, hotel or the likes – Take some extra precautions to prevent bringing bed bugs home!  Before you take any bags, clothes or towels back into your home, bag everything and take it immediately to a dryer! Dry anything cloth on high heat for at least 30 minutes. Then proceed to wash or put away items as normal.

Keep a close eye out for any suspicious bites, or signs of bed bugs on bedding and furniture following your trip.

Spring Break Sleepovers

Mom, Dad, can we have a sleepover? Sound familiar? Spring break is prime time for sleepovers with neighbors, family and friends. Unfortunately, that also means it can be prime time for bed bugs. If you have had guests over the spring break week – Check your bedding and call for an inspection if you see anything suspicious! One bed bug brought in by an unknowing guest can quickly multiple.

Holiday Guests

Easter, Passover and holiday visitors in general can lead to a bed bug problem. If a visitor has bed bugs, whether they know it or not, they can bring the unwanted guests to your holiday gathering. Check all furniture and bedding, particularly in areas where guests congregated or stored coats and belongings. If you see anything suspicious, call for a free inspection today!


Unfortunately bed bugs are becoming a part of all of the fun and celebrations we enjoy with friends and family. Knowledge is the best way to protect yourself and you family. If you suspect you have a bed bug problem – New or old – call us today and lets talk about all of the great, affordable, effective treatment options. Call The Bed Bug Pros! 216-544-8292.