Finding a good bed bug exterminator is a critical part of a successful treatment process. Just like any home service, you want to get the job done for a fair price. Bed bugs can be incredibly stressful, and having an experienced and effective service provider is important.

1. Check reviews – Particularly the Better Business Bureau

Many are hesitant to share with family and friends if they’ve had a bed bug issue, which means finding a service provider via referrals is pretty difficult. Use the Better Business Bureau in your area. BBB reviews MUST be verified by the business owner as a “real” customer.

It seems fake reviews our pretty common in our line of work since folks are reluctant to share their experience on Google, Angie’s List, etc so check the BBB!

2. Verify licensing – Make sure you know who will be completing your job and what training they have received.

When it comes to bed bugs, the BIG question is DO you have a license?

Heat treatment companies are not required to have a pest control license and do not have the educational or science experience that goes along with getting an extermination license. This is a strange loophole. Would you hire a guy that likes water to redo your plumbing? Probably not!

Another strange loophole in the pest control licensing industry is the umbrella license structure. If Person A has the license, he or she can have people under them, working under that license. It’s important that you verify WHO is coming into your house, and if THEY actually have had training and are licensed to do the job.

3. Aim to find an EXPERT that specializes in full service bed bug extermination.

Bed bugs are not like any other pest control issue. It is critical to find a service provider that specializes in bed bugs in your area, and that offers full service bed bug extermination. You will save money by doing it this way, and you will get rid of the bed bugs! Using a general pest control company or a heat only company will end up costing you in the long run.

Click here for more questions to ask before you hire a bed bug exterminator.

Watch for Red Flags! 

  1. Pushy sales processes that give a quote for several thousands of dollars. ALWAYS get more than one quote!
  2. Inexperienced technicians that cannot locate evidence or do not show you the evidence (Whoops, I accidentally cleaned up the evidence while I was inspecting)
  3. Whack a mole – Treating a single room or single piece of furniture is a common sales tactic to drive up your price. It will not work!
  4. Lack of information. This process requires giving a customer a TON of information on the science of bed bugs, how and why treatments work, tasks that you need to do to prepare for and throughout your treatment process.  You should feel overwhelmed with all of the information!