Bed Bug Treatment Pros and Cons

Understanding the bed bug treatment process is the first step to having a successful treatment. Bed bug treatment pros far outweigh the attempts to save costs and attempts to be discreet, by trying to handle it yourself.  Starting from the beginning!

The Pros of Professional Bed Bug Treatment

Evaluation and Risk Factors

The first step of every single professional successful treatment process is to start with a bit of detective work. Most don’t realize all of the risk factors in their daily lives, and instead contribute an issue to the myths of hotels, travel and the likes.  Evaluating YOUR unique situation for severity, length of the time the problem has been happening and what risk factors you are exposed to is critical to ensuring treatment is done properly, to be done successfully and to ensure you mitigate future risk.

Preparation and Maintenance

Part of our process is to provide unique and specific instructions to ensure your treatment can be done properly and that it functions the way it needs to, throughout the treatment process. We guide you every step of the way!

Using the RIGHT Treatment Methods

Part of any successful bed bug treatment is to ensure your treatment methods are effective, reduce the risk of creating resistance and ensure that every aspect of an infestation issue is addressed. Store bought products and inexperienced exterminators simply just won’t do the trick.

The Cons of DIY and Inexperienced Providers

At the end of the day, not all bed bug exterminators are created equal.

DIY products can also create a serious issue, and even worsen the situation.

Unfortunately, bed bugs must be addressed by a professional. This is not your average pest, and become very costly the longer you try ineffective methods..

The good news is that with an experienced professional, and a bit of teamwork, you can be bed bug free. Put the nightmare in the rearview and consult a professional in your area! If you are in Northeast Ohio, give us a call! 216-544-8292