Heat + Chemical = Dead Bugs

At a recent OPMA / NPMA presentation by Dr. Susan Jones of OSU Entomology Department, heat treatments seem to be a hotter topic than ever before!  Our customers often ask WHY both heat and chemical are needed, and there is very good reason!

First and foremost, a bed bug pest control company can technically exist without a proper pest control license. How you ask? Because purchasing and operating only heaters requires no license.  Thus, these companies tend to promote heat as the most effective means simply because they have no license to offer an alternative.

Why Chemicals are Necessary with Heat for Bed Bugs

Heat is a great means of treating bed bugs! SO great in fact, we even offer it! However, we back every single heat treatment with a chemical or organic treatment regiment.

Typically, we reserve heat treatments for infestations that are considered advanced and to the point where a chemical-only regiment may take to long, or lead to a resistance problem. Heat can be done very discreetly, our electric heaters install into the same receptacle as your dryer or stove and operate without any sign from outside or for the neighbors to see. Heat can be a great means of knocking down a large population quickly – But will not likely entirely eliminate it.

Here is why Choosing a FULL SERVICE Bed Bug Company is Ideal

Cost For companies that cannot offer an alternative to heat, their pricing model can be quite high. The only option they have is to offer a full-house treatment which is typically upwards of $2000. The heaters run for 8-24 hours depending on if they’re propane or electric, and may require an attendant to be on site with the equipment.  Selecting a full service bed bug company can be much more affordable. We can heat treat one room or a portion of your home, and the chemical / organic treatment regiment that follows ensures full coverage for months to come. A one-and-done price tag may be appealing when you are at the end of your sanity, but the overall issue lies in the fact that heat may not kill everything. Chemical ensures an extra coverage and therefore eliminates the problem completely. This brings us to;

Efficacy As mentioned, heat is a great tool for bed bug eradication. Heat is safe, reasonably effective and very easily available. The issue is again in the type and amount of coverage.  Heat treatments are used to penetrate and essentially raise the temperature of everything in a structure, ensuring no bugs survive.  The issue is that bed bugs can and will find micro-climates. A micro-climate is an area that they can huddle in and survive until the temperatures return to normal. Micro-climates can be under carpet, in walls, in furniture and a variety of other places. This is the number one reason chemicals are necessary with heat! There can also be issue with the time of preparation, and bed bugs can survive the treatment simply because they weren’t in it! This brings us to;

Prep Heat treatments require extensively more prep work! This is a two-factor consideration. Factor one is the amount of work that must be done to heat treat an entire house, and factor two is the amount of work that needs to be done again when treatment fails and your service provider offers a second / warranty treatment. Again, having the option to spot treat with heat and back with chemical is much more effective, efficient and affordable!

The bottom line is that education is key to handling your bed bug problem, and having a trusted service provider is a saving grace! Call us today for all of the information, and a personal consultation as well as a free inspection. Let’s tackle your bed bug problem the EASIEST, most affordable and most efficient way possible!

The Bed Bug Pros are licensed, bonded and insured. We provide full service bed bug extermination services. This includes chemical treatments, organic treatments, heat treatment and K9 inspection services.  All services are provided in house without any 3rd party contracting. 

We look forward to serving you, and making your bed bug nightmare a thing of the PAST! Request a free quote or call us now. 216-544-8292