Preparing for bed bug treatment is critical to a successful treatment process. Every customer that hires us receives a Bed Bug Treatment Prep list to get their house ready for the process. While each home is different, preparation is pretty much the same across the board.

Limit clutter – All clutter needs picked up. This includes trash, loose clothing or cloth articles, toys, pet items, etc. There should be zero clutter on floors, as well as on or under furniture. Double check inside of furniture, under furniture and under beds. Clothing and items inside of dressers and drawers can be left in place.

Vacuum – Vacuum under beds, baseboards, all floor areas, all furniture – Throughout your entire house. If you have used Diatomaceous earth, it must be vacuumed up with a HEPA filter vacuum cleaner or construction fine particulate filter for SHOP VAC.
Heavy grime and build up on baseboards needs scrubbed and cleaned.

Clean out closets – Closet floors, including linen closets, must be completely clear. Shoes and items can go into totes and stored, everything else needs picked up off of closet floors. Items can be left hanging or folded within the closet areas.

Dry / Bag any non-essential items – Extra blankets, curtains (by beds and couches). Any extra bedding, pillows, extra blankets, decorative pillows, stuffed animals – Need to be dried on HIGH heat for 30 minutes and then bagged in trash bags and sealed. After FULL treatment process is complete items can be returned to their places.

While it can be overwhelming, this can be a great time to get motivated and do some seriously cleaning and organizing in your home! Use this as an opportunity to get everything clean and ready for your fresh start, post-bed bugs. It is critical to prepare your home for treatment to ensure a successful process!

Throughout Your Bed Bug Treatment

The work doesn’t end once your treatment process begins! Staying organized and on top of everything between appointments is critical.

All bedding must be stripped from beds on the day of your appointment. This includes pillow cases, bed skirts, fitted sheets, mattress protectors etc. Your bed(s) should be completely down to the mattress / box spring / frame.

Furniture only needs to be pulled out far enough for an arms width from the wall.

Items generally should stay in the rooms they started in. We do not want to be moving furniture or any other items around the house. The only things that should leave a room is garbage and clothing or bedding that is being dried.

During your treatment process it is critical to keep your house picked up between appointments. Keep tidy and organized, and keep clutter to a minimum. Keep up on vacuuming as well! DO NOT wash or wipe away furniture or baseboards throughout the process. We do not want to wipe away the dried chemical applications.

Dry your bedding, pillows and blankets every single week, every single room. DRY at least 30 mins, high heat once a week.

No DIY chemicals, dusts, bombs, or essential oils at any time during treatment process – Learn more about the downside of DIY treatments for bed bugs here.

Keep visitors to a minimum. You do not want people coming in and taking bed bugs home with them. When going places, such as family events, restaurants, work, etc – you MUST dry the clothing you are going to wear for 30 mins on high heat BEFORE you leave your house. Take it immediately from the dryer, put it on and leave the house. Do not sit on furniture, etc before leaving your home entire you are cleared of bed bugs.

By Ohio Law, you must leave your home for four hours following each treatment application. This allows time for the product to dry and ensure no exposure to chemicals from the treatment process.