If you’re realizing that you may have a bed bug problem, one of the first questions that needs an answer is figuring out where the little buggers came from. Part of our successful process is a bit of sleuthing, to determine where your risk areas are and ultimately to prevent the problem from happening again!

If you have bed bugs, where did you get them? Here are common answers.

Where Did I Get Bed Bugs?


For many, the root of a bed bug problem is their workplace. Unfortunately this is common and can happen for a variety of different reasons. Maybe you work in a higher risk industry like hospitals, day care, home health care, medical facilities or transportation. Maybe it is simply a matter of a coworker having a bed bug problem and not disclosing it, putting your workplace and your home at risk!


Childcare in a day care or at someones’ home is another common risk factor for bringing bed bugs home. Especially with little ones, their car seat, diaper bag, etc travel back and forth from place to place. We also see families struggle with bed bug issues when one family member has them, say Grandma, and then spreads them out unknowingly via the grandkids.

Nursing Care / Doctor Appts

Doctors offices, home health care and other medical appointments can all be a high risk. Particularly in medically fragile situations like special needs kids or terminally ill loved ones, frequent appointments combined with situational challenges can be a recipe for bed bug transport.

Family / Friend

Unfortunately this is often found to be the case! Whether a family member or friend has them, or your child visited a home that has them, all it takes is a single pregnant female and you’ve now got your own problem. It is important to protect yourself, but also equally important to prevent spreading them if you find yourself in a situation. Bed bugs can spread much like a cold in the sense that a group of people together can all take away a germ and end up with the same cold.. Unfortunately this can make for some awkward but necessary conversations.


Very low on the list these days especially in our area, is going to be hotel / travel. It is absolutely possible, however it is not likely in many scenarios!


For some, the mystery isn’t solved and it was a fluke exposure and not able to be pinpointed. Trying to figure out the cause of a bed bug problem is key to preventing it in the future, preventing continual re-infestation and also to protecting those around you!