Bed Bugs in College Dorms

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  Make Sure Your College Kids Don’t Bring Home Bed Bugs Bed bugs in college dorms can spread like wildfire any time of year! With spring break right around the corner for many colleges, it is time to prepare your home. … Continued

Effects of Bed Bugs

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Effects of Bed bugs Effects of bed bugs can run the gamut. Anyone who has had bedbugs can attest to the fact that the infestation is a major cause of stress! The main 3 stress factors from bed bugs are Social isolation and … Continued

Ohio Bed Bug Laws

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Ohio Bed Bug Laws Ohio bed bug laws have been on the books for awhile, but unfortunately for renters and landlords it’s a bit of a “no man’s land”. With the recent rise in bed bug infestations, additional laws have … Continued

Sleeping with Bed Bugs?

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Are you Sleeping with the Enemy? Bedbugs are a mystery for many! Although all bites are not bed bug related, and some people have no reaction to bed bug bites, this is usually the first sign that you may have … Continued

Hiring Local Pest Control

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Understanding The Differences in Pest Control Companies When it comes to picking a professional pest control company, there are some surprising things that you might want to consider. Hiring local pest control services definitely has benefits. Most people would assume … Continued

Bed Bugs and High Risk Careers

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High Risk Careers for Getting Bed Bugs High risk careers may be more prevalent than you think! For more than a decade now it seems that the hospitality industry has bore the brunt when it comes to being blamed for the bedbug … Continued

Bed Bugs in Furniture

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Bed Bugs in Used Furniture (And NEW too!) Finding and buying used furniture can be a great way to save money. We all know to watch out for bed bugs! Many places won’t even sell used mattresses, and require special sanitizing … Continued

Finding Bed Bugs

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How to Find Bed Bugs & What to do Next Finding bed bugs can be a tricky task. In some homes and businesses, the signs are very clear. Bed bugs leave distinct markings behind, include blood spots, feces and skins. … Continued

Bed Bugs Develop a Thick Skin

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  What Kills Bed Bugs, and What is Just Making Them Stronger? Evolution in nature has undoubtedly produced impressive results – and the changes we are seeing in bed bugs is no exception to the rule.  Whether the physical features … Continued