Hiring Local Pest Control

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Understanding The Differences in Pest Control Companies When it comes to picking a professional pest control company, there are some surprising things that you might want to consider. Hiring local pest control services definitely has benefits. Most people would assume … Continued

Bed Bugs and High Risk Careers

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High Risk Careers for Getting Bed Bugs High risk careers may be more prevalent than you think! For more than a decade now it seems that the hospitality industry has bore the brunt when it comes to being blamed for the bedbug … Continued

Bed Bugs in Furniture

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Bed Bugs in Used Furniture (And NEW too!) Finding and buying used furniture can be a great way to save money. We all know to watch out for bed bugs! Many places won’t even sell used mattresses, and require special sanitizing … Continued

Finding Bed Bugs

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How to Find Bed Bugs & What to do Next Finding bed bugs can be a tricky task. In some homes and businesses, the signs are very clear. Bed bugs leave distinct markings behind, include blood spots, feces and skins. … Continued

Bed Bugs Develop a Thick Skin

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  What Kills Bed Bugs, and What is Just Making Them Stronger? Evolution in nature has undoubtedly produced impressive results – and the changes we are seeing in bed bugs is no exception to the rule.  Whether the physical features … Continued